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Re: Fw: [Fwd: E-M:/ Detnews on religious/environmental connection]

Enviro-Mich message from "Robert E. Marshall" <ac459@tcnet.org>

I would agree with your analysis of the Genesis story, and also that
Sirico distorts it beyond recognition.
	I sent the note to the DetNews in response to the suggestion on
this list that it might be of interest to the list.  It might not have
been quite proper for this list to have broadcast it but...it's done.
If this offends, I apologize.
	When I received the copy, I note that the processing has stripped
off all the quotes of Sirico's stuff.  My note was really quoting him
extensively to make the argument.  I herewith supply a suitable collection
of quotation marks to correct the situation.

                       Robert E. Marshall, 
                          FESTINA LENTE

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