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E-M:/ Spencer Abraham/JamesWatt

Enviro-Mich message from "David Zaber" <dzaber@chorus.net>

David John Zaber
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From: David Zaber <dzaber@chorus.net>
To: Robert E. Marshall <ac459@tcnet.org>; Delavan Sipes
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Date: Saturday, March 06, 1999 4:36 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: [Fwd: E-M:/ Detnews on religious/environmental connection]

>It looks like the comments by the priest raised some eyebrows. If my
>view of history is correct, then comments like Mr. Sirico's should be
>expected.  People have always used religion to further their own ends, and
>more often then not, the "ends" consist of acquisition of more power and
>resources or having more sex (and babies that survived).  In this case, no
>one should be surprised that Sirico and others of his ilk are using the
>bible to oppose people who want to use resources in different manner (i.e.
>conserve them for future generations rather then use them now).
>Remember James Watt? Ronald Reagan's former Secretary of Interior (now a
>convicted felon, by the way) who frequently spewed forth on the need to
>destroy wilderness because of the Second Coming.  Or how about Donald
>He was another of Reagan's Interior Secretaries who strived to dismantle
>system of conservation laws and protected areas and who now is big in the
>Christian Coalition. The list is endless.
>Western Michigan has been a source of religious activism since European
>settlement and clearly this continues today. Unfortunately, there will be
>many poor saps who buy into this poisonous view of humankind and who will
>use all the tools in their power (religion, force, wealth, etc.) to thwart
>effective conservation efforts in the coming decades. Western Michigan's
>Amway corporation has given tens of thousands of dollars to Spencer
>Abraham's campaign fund and we now know that Spencer's policies make James
>Watt look like Tiny Tim tiptoeing through the tulips.  Where Watt had
>religioinvective against the environment oozing from his mouth (and
>solidifiying opposition), Abraham has taken a stealth approach to attacking
>our environment and has managed to slink by the public media radar.  Both
>were/are in the pocket of the extreme far right.
>As you all are probably aware, Mr. Abraham is hoping to have a second term
>in the U.S. Senate after the 2000 elections.  Given Spencer's voting
>I think it is safe to say that he believes he must continue his
>crusade to dismantle or weaken the nation's conservation and environmental
>protection laws for another six years.  Or perhaps he's more interested in
>bolstering his record in the worker health and safety field and NAFTA
>promotions. Frankly, I
>think he wants to continue to push for tax breaks for the wealthy,
>for corporations and invasions of individual privacy. Impeachment anyone?
>Well, one thing is for sure, the fact that besides working tirelessly on
>behalf of polluters, land speculators and suburban sprawlers, Spencer
>Abraham is working tirelessly for his own re-election.  And the money from
>those seeking special favors is beginning to pour in.  Take a look at the
>Environmental Working Group website for campaign contribution info
>In the 5 years since his election (1994), Spencer has raised over $161,850
>from anti-environmental organizations.  Organizations that are working to
>weaken the Endangered Species Act in order to destroy more natural
>those who want to put more pollution into our rivers and streams
>and those who don't want to pay to clean up their own toxic waste sites
>are leading the way in building Spencer Abraham's "Pollution Portfolio".
>However, organizations out to destroy wetlands or make and use
>hazardous pesticides or pollute the air are not far behind in contributions
>to one of the US Senate's most anti-environmental members.  After all,
>investments in Spencer have paid off well so far.  Check out the League of
>Conservation Voters
>website for Spencer's environmental voting records (www.lcv.org). I think
>you'll see that
>Spencer Abraham is the best career politician that polluter money can buy.
>In my opinion, the citizens of Michigan have a special responsibility to
>nation and the world since they sit in the middle of the world's most
>important source of freshwater.  And I believe that the vast majority of
>Michiganders love their woods, waters, and wildlife and do not want to see
>their public lands sold off to the highest bidder.  Michiganders, like most
>Americans, want clean air and water, healthy and diverse wildlife
>populations and a safe environment to live in and raise their children in.
>do not want to hunt in a landfill and they don't want to fish in a toilet.
>Too bad Spencer Abraham's voting record leads the way in the
>creation category.
>For the past four years, Spencer Abraham has embarrassed the people of
>Michigan, and the nation.  This career politician has not missed an
>opportunity to vote against the things that most Michiganders hold dear.
>few times where
>Spencer Abraham has even shown an iota of leadership has been on behalf of
>issues that would actually hurt Michigan and the nation or were so petty as
>to be laughable (i.e. remember the sixth Great Lakes controversy?).
>As a former resident of Michigan, and now as a resident of a state that
>pollutes Michigan's air, I hope that the Great Lakes State can once more be
>a leader
>in resource protection.  Rolling Spencer Abraham out of office in 2000
>a great start in that direction.
>p.s. look for Spencer's "Polluter Portfolio" to grow over the next 18
>as anti-environment organizations and individuals work overtime to secure
>another environment-destroying term in the US Senate.
>Media Watch:  Keep an eye out for Spencer Abraham's re-election campaign to
>use Proposition C as evidence that Abraham is moderate on environmental
>issues.  And check out local hangouts for Abraham's media people.  They may
>be shooting commercials with "regular folks" to overcome Abraham's
>uneasiness with the public and
>his constituents.  Look for Abraham to run a "down home" campaign designed
>to paint himself as just one of the boys.
>David John Zaber
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>Date: Saturday, March 06, 1999 12:54 PM
>Subject: Re: Fw: [Fwd: E-M:/ Detnews on religious/environmental connection]
>>Enviro-Mich message from "Robert E. Marshall" <ac459@tcnet.org>
>>I would agree with your analysis of the Genesis story, and also that
>>Sirico distorts it beyond recognition.
>> I sent the note to the DetNews in response to the suggestion on
>>this list that it might be of interest to the list.  It might not have
>>been quite proper for this list to have broadcast it but...it's done.
>>If this offends, I apologize.
>> When I received the copy, I note that the processing has stripped
>>off all the quotes of Sirico's stuff.  My note was really quoting him
>>extensively to make the argument.  I herewith supply a suitable collection
>>of quotation marks to correct the situation.
>>                       Robert E. Marshall,
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