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E-M:/ March 9 Hearing re. Henry Ford Hosp incinerator

Enviro-Mich message from Lydia Fischer <lydfisch@mindspring.com>

This is a public hearing.  Everybody is welcome.
>From the March 5 Southeast Michigan Sierra Club's Press Release:  Sierra
Club to Oppose Continuing Incineration at Henry Ford Hospital
Dr. Neil Carman, former air pollution inspector for the Texas Air Control
Board and renown expert on incineration, will criticize plans to retrofit
the Henry Ford Hospital Detroit's incinerator at the public hearing
scheduled by Wayne County Air Quality Division for Tuesday March 9 at
Duffield Public Library, 2507 W. Grand Blvd, Detroit, starting a 6:00 pm.
After having assessed the hospital a $110,000 fine for air pollution
violations, the county issued a consent order that would allow shifting
$82,500 of the fine toward the cost of the Hospital's retrofitting proposal
to conform with new EPA regulations.  This sends the wrong message to
polluters and ignores the drastic inadequacies of these regulations.
Dr. Carman testified at a law suit against the EPA rules last year, calling
them so lax that "it looks like EPA was more concerned about industry's
pocketbook than citizens' health."  On March 3, a federal appellate court
in Washington DC agreed, ruling that EPA's method "looks hopelessly
irrational" and sending the standards back to the agency for further
explanation.  The court challenge, claiming that the standards violate the
Clean Air Act, was brought by the National Sierra Club and the National
Resources Defense Council.
Environmental justice is a major issue.  A Sierra Club survey found that
some suburban Henry ford Hospital locations already send their waste to an
autoclave process in Toledo, Ohio, a cleaner alternative to burning.
Cottage Hospital in Grosse Pointe Farms and Wyandotte Hospital are two
cases in point.  "Why is Henry Ford Hospital dumping thousands of pounds of
toxins on the inner city of Detroit and using safer methods than
incineration in the suburbs?," asks Anna Holden, Chair of the Southeast
Michigan Sierra Club.
The Sierra Club of Southeast Michigan, Detroiters Working for Environmental
Justice, the Virginia Park Citizens District Council, the Ecology Center,
the National Wildlife Federation and the American Lung Association of
Michigan are urging Henry Ford Hospital to ban incineration, expand
recycling, and purchase less toxic products wherever possible.  Practices
that minimize the environmental impact of waste disposal have already been
embraced by other hospitals in Michigan and around the country.
For information, call Anna Holden (313)331-0932 or Ed McArdle (313)388-6645.

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