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E-M:/ Slob Hunters-The Detroit News Scab is infected.

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com

Dave Richey of the Detroit News has turned a scab newspaper into an open
infected sore. His article "Rising coyote numbers a concern" in the Sunday
March 7, 1999 edition has turned the sport of hunting from questionable to

This is sickening, irresponsible, biased journalism. 

I will quote the most reprehensible from the article but suggest that people
take a read of it for themselves to see just how far into the dark ages
Michigan has slipped under Engler and the Wise Use movement. I hope the new
Director of Michigan United Conservation Club, Jim Goodheart, has a bigger
heart than the likes of Kerby or Richey.

If there ever was credible or ethical hunting of game for needed nutrition,
which is why I believe people have a right to hunt, especially those trying to
make ends meet by supplementing their diets with venison and other wild game,
it has surely taken a monumental step in a dark and uncompassionate direction.

Richey quotes Roger Kerby, a "hunter" or egomaniac from Honor, MI  in the
article, "It was late February and they (coyotes) were a breeding male and
female," he said, "I eased off the safety, placed the crosshairs on the
biggest coyote, took a breath, let it out slowly and squeezed the trigger. The
coyote went down and didn't move."

He racked another cartridge into the chamber and the smaller coyote stood
still and looked at the dead animal. Kerby switched to it, placed the
crosshairs on its chest and fired. It went down within 20 yards of the first
one. The picture in the Scab News shows Kerby holding death by the tail and
gloating over it. 

Richey includes "Coyote Hunting Tips" such as Calling, Spot-and--stalk and
Hounds for pursuing and murdering coyote because they are eating prey
(turkeys) to stay alive. 

What technique for killing coyote does Richey advocate? "Spot-and-stalk--This
means looking for coyotes while driving back roads. The animals often sun
themselves on a brush pile, fallen tree or knoll. Use binoculars or a spotting
scope to look for likely areas." 

I suspect Richey should get SLOB HUNTER of the decade award. 

What's next? Strychnine? Biological warfare? This is regression into the
senseless and immoral slaughters that so tarnished our country's early years
and the continuing way we treat predators who have sometimes managed to
survive mans endless war against them.

The moral of this story is  these pathetic people are claiming that too many
coyotes are horning in on their wild turkey sport game. And for this, coyotes
are now vengefully being pursued simply because they are surviving, even
thriving in an increasingly shrinking natural world. 

Our ecosystems are so unbalanced by draconian, lawless logging, development,
and bogus multiple abuse "management techniques", that they are now
rationalizing the killing of any critter that horns in on "sport game."
Anthropocentric arrogance and plain cold hearted.

When are people gonna wake up and realize it is the irresponsible and
deplorable way our "resource managers" and agencies are exploiting our
resources and taking away habitat at unprecedented speeds that are causing
catastrophic imbalances in nature.

You ask any average Michigander and they will likely be revolted by this new
racism towards coyote. 

I have already asked some long time hunters who find this absolutley


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