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Re: E-M:/ April 1 DEQ meeting in lansing

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com


The "use" of wetlands as retention ponds to "contain" and "filter" effluents
such as phosphates, nitrates, lawn care chemicals, salt, oil, etc., for
subdivisions and other types of development are not included under current
law, (Goemaere-Anderson Wetland Protection Act, Act No. 203 of the Public Acts
of 1979, as amended in 1993), as being uses or activities which require a
permit or public hearing. 

The Harding DEQ's interpretation of 'use" is much like Clinton and the word
"is."  Bogus! 

Currently, only dredging, filling (with soil-not pollutants), or draining is a
"use" of a regulated wetland that requires a permit, or public hearing
(although these are routinely dismissed without good reason).

The word "use" as in "use of a wetlands" has been twisted by ENgler/Harding
mandate specifically to exclude wetland protection for wetlands in just such
instances as "use" of wetlands for retention ponds for development.

In other words, while the DEQ is not busy rubber stamping wetlands destruction
permits for industry and developers,  denying wetlands public hearings because
the "USE" of a wetland as a sewer is not the same as filling, draining or
dredging it (according to Harding), they are busy doing WHAT??? 

I would demand inclusion of use of wetlands to include anything that impairs,
pollutes or otherwise degrades a wetland, including using them for storm water
retention that contains all of our pollutants. Go for another amendment of

This would also provide greater protection against sprawl in general. If
wetlands were unavailable for "use" as sewers, you would have much greater
restrictions on development in general.

Of course we will still have the problem/mandate of lack of law enforcement
under the current regime no matter how good the laws are.

murray Dailey

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