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E-M:/ Ludington School Forest Is Saved!

Enviro-Mich message from "Laura Lyons" <laura_lyons@hotmail.com>

It's official: The Ludington School Board voted Monday night at their 
montly mtg. to discontinue their application to the DNR to lift the 
60-year-old deed restriction that limits use of the forest to 
reforestation purposes.

I just want to thank those (many!) of you who helped me advocate for 
this, through your ideas, suggestions, and supportive words.  I've 
always been somewhat of a long-distance, armchair activist, writing 
letters or making phone calls and such, so had no experience with 
basically leading this kind of grassroots effort.  I literally 
could/would not have done it without you.  Thanks again.


P.S. This may surprise some of you, but the DNR folks were actually 
quite helpful in this effort as well. Janet Griffen and Mindy Koch, in 
particular, were readily available for our numerous phone calls and 
questions, and actually gave us encouragement for pursuing this.  They 
even had a letter drafted ready to go to the school board to encourage 
them to drop the matter as the DNR had gotten so many requests from the 
public to uphold the deed restriction.  Not that this qualifies the DNR 
as a whole for ecological sainthood or anything, but I just wanted to 
make a plug for the fact that they were on the environment's side this 
time, from what I observed.
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