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E-M:/ Pesticides in Rainfall

Enviro-Mich message from "David Zaber" <dzaber@chorus.net>


Here is a good webpage for some pesticides in atmospheric deposition


Check out the paragraphs on the Lake Superior/Atrazine accumulation issue.
With a low productivity lake like Superior, the implications of a powerful
herbicide accumulating in the water column are disturbing.  There are some
journal articles cited as well for more information.

For a site where you can spatially display (by county) the use of pesticides
in Michigan and elsewhere, check out:


(note the spatial correlation of heavy pesticide usage in Michigan and the
prevalence of anti-environment Republicans in the US Congress.  Now that's

Also, check out:


for a fascinating site that has nothing at all to do with protecting the
environment but you may find it interesting. It's a university website that
has a wealth of electron microscopic pictures of things we all come in
contact with every day, including fifty pesticides.  For the DDT
electronmicrograph, the three larger yellow/yellowpurple circles reflect the
"dichloro-diphenyl-trichloro" portion of the DDT molecule and the smaller
circle is the "ethane" portion. When the chlorine molecule on each of DDT's
two phenyl rings are replaced with a methyl (-CH3) group, the compound is
called methoxychlor.  The addition of those molecules turns a highly
bioaccumulative insecticide into one that can be broken down to non-toxic
products in the environment, before bioaccumulation is significant.

Very cool stuff for the enviro geek in all of us (except of course for
Spencer Abraham, John Engler, and their ilk: they're just geeks).


David John Zaber

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