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Three WEENIE Award Winners for 1999

Mike Harris, John Engler and Norm Sterling were the big winners Saturday night
at the annual CEA WEENIE Awards at the Windsor Press Club.

Norm Sterling, the Ontario Minister of the Environment, now has the dubious
distinction of having his name on the WEENIE Award (a model of the Detroit
Incinerator) twice since 1996.  Mike Harris won for his role as Norm's boss
the continuing slash and burn attack, he and Sterling have participated in
past year on Ontario's environment and its protection, and for not giving the
public adequate opportunity to access information and details about their

John Engler, Governor of Michigan, won because he has, since his election, 
become the #1 enemy of Michigan's environment, its public and its neighbour's
in Ontario.  This year his big accomplishment was to fight the US EPA on NOx
reductions (smog precursor),  under the US Clean Air Act,  which impact
significantly on southeast Michigan's and southwestern Ontario's air quality.

Environmental Achievement awards were given to Harold Stokes for his life long
devotion to environmental and social justice causes.  Other Environmental
Achievement winners were
Faye Langmaid,  for her outstanding commitment to endangered green space
protection in Windsor, a neighbourhood group from Wellington  Ave. in Windsor,
and Rob Spring for his extensive volunteer skills as the web master for the
CEA/GreenPlanet Network.  Two Windsor partners in community activists, and in
life, Shawn Hupka and Sarah Atkinson,  were also winners of Environmental
Achievement awards for their community activism and volunteer work with the
Citizens Environment Alliance and social justice causes with the GreenPlanet
and Third World networks.

The Real Earth Day celebration followed the WEENIE Awards and 150 people
up to help the CEA usher in the Spring Equinox at 8:46 P.M. on Saturday
With 3 live bands and lots of food and door prizes, this years WEENIE Awards
and Earth Day celebration was a huge success.  


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