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E-M:/ Pictured Rocks Draft

Enviro-Mich message from AuntScarey@aol.com

Hi friends,

I just finished reading the draft Pictured Rocks Resource Management Plan.
I'm about to send a letter to Mr. Brian Kenner, complimenting him on a
beautifully written piece.  I don't suppose he will receive other comments
describing it as full-hearted and visionary, but for me, reading sections of
it was like reading a love letter to the dunes, seashore and the cliffs.  

I am pleased the NPS appears to be carefully considering the impact of a newly
paved H-58 and the increased visitor base it will bring.  They have concern
for managing visitor conflicts.  (Already there are about 600,000 visitors
annually, presumedly most of them in the warm months.)  I am among those, for
example, who cringe at the sound of a jetski whining through the otherwise
natural landscape that curiously feels as if it extends to the edge of the
Earth.  I realize this issue is not something the NPS likely can do anything
about until public opinion calls for restrictions on these pollution-spewing
menaces.  Nevertheless, that the NPS has anticipated these and more mundane
issues is admirable and sensible. 

After 20 years of worry, I can finally relax a little -- I think -- as it
appears the management and stewardship of PIRO, truly one of the planetís most
sacred and awe-inspiring places, is in capable hands of those who seem to

So my question to everyone familiar with this is, am I missing something?
When H-58 is paved, will there be a slow speed limit?  Who will have
jurisdiction over the road?  Ought I mention other concerns to Mr. Kenner?

And thanks to Dave Allen, I think it was, for posting notice of the draft plan
to Enviro-Mich.  Even though I have been all over this like a cheap suit for
20 years, I didn't receive notification until I specifically went shopping for

With great love for Grand Medicine (I've been told that's the meaning of

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