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Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

In a notice from the National Park Service, the comment period on the Isle
Royale National Park General Management Plan and Environmental Impact
Statement has been REOPENED UNTIL APRIL 26th, as a result of failure to follow
federal statutes required with notice, etc.

The IRNP GMP/EIS document is identical to that issued last November except for
the addition of a cover sheet describing the statutory requirements and saying
that the decision will be made by the Regional Director for the Midwest Region
for the Park Service (although that address is not provided).   Superintendant
of Isle Royale NAtional Park, Douglas Barnard, is listed for information, and
comments can be submitted to the IRNP address: 800 East Lakeshore Drive,
Houghton, MI  49931.

Copies of the IRNP GMP/EIS are available by contacting Shawn Parratt at
906-487-7149, or through an internet posting:


Questions should be directed to Pete Armington at 906-487-7148.

My commentary on the issue: The GMP deals with many aspects of management
of the island National Park, and should be reviewed and commented on by
anyone who cares about this wonderful place.  One of the biggest
controversies has been focused on whether any stretches of shoreline on the
islant, which is almost all designated wilderness, should be off limits to
motorized boats.

The Final GMP for Isle Royale proposes to provide very limited areas along
the shoreline of this wilderness National Park that would restrict the use of
motorized boats, and has also called for eliminating a small number of docks
used by the motorboaters.  Despite this modest attempt to provide some areas
off limits to motor usage along the shore of Isle Royale, an association of
motorboaters has been condemning the proposed GMP, claiming that removing ANY
docks and putting ANY portions of the shore off limits to motorized use is a
violation of their rights, etc.  The organization has been loudly threatening
to take the Park Service to court if they take out ANY docks or take any
shoreline out of full access by motorboats.

If you care about Isle Royale, regardless of what your position is, it is
really critical that you get your comments in on this proposal.

Anne Woiwode
Sierra Club 

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