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Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

At 11:28 AM 3/23/1999 EST, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from AuntScarey@aol.com
>Hi friends,
>I just finished reading the draft Pictured Rocks Resource Management Plan.
>I'm about to send a letter to Mr. Brian Kenner, complimenting him on a
>beautifully written piece.  I don't suppose he will receive other comments
>describing it as full-hearted and visionary, but for me, reading sections of
>it was like reading a love letter to the dunes, seashore and the cliffs.  
>I am pleased the NPS appears to be carefully considering the impact of a newly
>paved H-58 and the increased visitor base it will bring.  They have concern
>for managing visitor conflicts.  (Already there are about 600,000 visitors

Actually, aside from reducing exposure of local bears to unhealthy levels of
particulates and getting less dust on blueberries in the Kingston Plains,
the issue of paving of H-58 saddens me because it will likely lead to 
more demands and crowds at some of my (and my daughter Andrea's) 
favorite summertime camping sites....the MDNR state forest campgrounds
near H-58 that are outside of the National Lakeshore.   These include SF
campgrounds at
Kingston Lake, Canoe Lake, Ross Lake and Cusino Lake.

There's always some magic about the drive on the terrible washboard dusty
H-58 heading to these sites in the middle of nowhere to the south of the
Lakeshore.   As the pall of dust brings visibility to zero behind your car
and as 
you dodge those tire-breaking rocks and giant potholes in the road, you wear
the experience like a badge of honor because you know that you are one of the 
"one percenters" who would tolerate such conditions in order to find your 
favorite rustic state forest campsite in the forest.

I started camping at these sites ten years ago when my daughter was 4 and 
every year I've been back.   Ten years ago, you could could always count on 
getting a campsite even if you arrived late.   But now, you have to get to the
campground by at least 2 PM in order to be sure that you'll get a site.....and
you are now more likely to get stuck next to some thoughtless person who 
will run radios and generators at all hours of the day and night, instead of 
waiting to hear the loons call.

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