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E-M:/ Pictured Rocks & Alex

Enviro-Mich message from AuntScarey@aol.com

Alex wrote:
<<There's always some magic about the drive on the terrible washboard dusty
H-58 heading to these sites in the middle of nowhere to the south of the
National Lakeshore.   As the pall of dust brings visibility to zero behind
your car
and as you dodge those tire-breaking rocks and giant potholes in the road, you
wearthe experience like a badge of honor because you know that you are one of
the "one percenters" who would tolerate such conditions in order to find your 
favorite rustic state forest campsite in the forest.>>

Proof that there is someone even more curmudgeonly than myself!  Alex is
absolutely right.  Paving H-58 sounds like a reasonable concession, I guess,
but I'd rather not even have that.  Cars have been lost in the  road, a couple
of them mine.  It's the Bermuda Triangle-Mystery Spot of roads.  And IMHO, it
adds to the entire experience and forces people to drive 3 mph, which is
always a good thing. That my buddy Alex grouses so poignantly causes me to
miss him, and tempts me to reconsider whether I ought to craft a more honest,
characteristically nasty letter to the NPS after all.


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