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Enviro-Mich message from AuntScarey@aol.com

In a message dated 3/25/99 6:50:11 AM, danb@ic.net wrote:
<<Speed limits?  What effect do they have on drivers?  None as far as I can
for the vast majority of drivers.  Increased speeding is an inevitable result
paving.  Vehicle - animal - hiker collisions will probably increase.  And 
worst of all, the roar of road noise will reach  farther into the woods.  Any
skis operating in the area should be torpedoed by the Coast Guard.>>

You probably already know this, but paving H-58 was the concession many people
made over the proposed Beaver Basin Rim Road, which would have really
destroyed the PIRO.  Maybe this ought to be re-thought.  Bart Stupak pushed
for federal highway money to pave H-58 when the mandate for building BBRR was
eliminated via legislation.  The draft reads, ". . .funding for upgrading of
existing County Road H-58 will significantly ease the passage of visitors
through the park and will likely mean increases in overall visitor numbers,
higher backcountry use, greater demand for automobile campgrounds in and
around the park, and other demands on park resources. Park  managers must be
ready to address the changes as the road is upgraded."  Plus, they have
limited info on visitor behavior and demographics.
	I wonder where are all these people, driving fast & noisily through this
rather small, fragile park, going to pee?  There was nothing mentioned about
extra composting toilets, come to think of it.  And will another Days Inn get
built at the junction of H-58 and Miners Castle Road?  {{Shudder}}  McDonald's
wrappers... boom boxes... generators at all hours...  understaffed NPS and
glass on trails... another Yellowstone, sans space?
	I hope danb and anyone else with these concerns will send his/her comments to
Brian Kenner, Chief, Science and Resource Management at:  brian_kenner@nps.gov
by March 31.
	My happy little letter to him is becoming less and less florid...

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