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E-M:/ Pictured Rocks: H-58 and the Draft Resource Management Plan

Enviro-Mich message from David Allen <dallen@nmu.edu>


We have had a number of messages regarding H58 and the Beaver Basin Road.
Lets stay focused.  Out for comments is the draft RESOURCE Management Plan;
it has little to do with road building and a lot to do with how to get
science into the management of the park.  

Personally, I feel a lot like the three previous letter writers the old and
bumpy H58 was sort of an adventure in itself, and did keep the insincere
out of the area.  I would recommend writing Superintendent Grant Peterson
and Congressman Bart Stupak on this issue, and let Brian Kenner of the hook
on this one (other than to remind him of the expected increase in use due
to the road, and this the expected demands on good science because of it).

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