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E-M:/ Your comments URGENTLY NEEDED !!! on Isle Royale GMP

Enviro-Mich message from doug welker <dwelker@up.net>

As many of you know, the National Park Service recently completed a Final
General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement for Isle Royale
National Park.  Like many of you, I am pretty satisfied with it (though I
have my criticisms).  Unfortunately, folks who are pretty satisfied with
things often get apathetic, and don't let anyone know their feelings.  As a
result, the Park Service has received relatively few comments in favor of
the Plan.  

They have, however, been flooded by comments opposing the plan (and
favoring Alternative A) by a small interest group, the Isle Royale Boaters
Association.  Most members of that organization seem to be pretty sensible
(I've met a lot of boaters around Isle Royale, and have had few bad
experiences), but the leadership of that group is spreading half-truths and
lies about the Plan to its members, who seem to be blindly rallying to
their call and bombarding the Park Service with comments against the Plan.

If you want to see some of their propaganda, check out their website at

It's CRITICAL that the Park Service hear from environmentalists on this
issue.  If they don't, they'll have little support for many of the
management actions they've proposed which will help keep the Park in a
moreless wildernessy condition, and those management actions just might not


1.	Check out the GMP online at http://www.nps.gov/planning/isro/fgmp/fgmp.htm.

2.	Most importantly, let the Park Service know that you SUPPORT THEIR
PROPOSED ACTION ALTERNATIVE (though perhaps with some reservations), and

You can call or write the Park Service, or, since time is of the essence,
you can EASILY send in an EMAIL COMMENT FORM available at

**DO IT NOW !!!**  (don't close this file and expect that you might get
back to it later; you may not)  The comment period for the GMP has been
extended, but not for much longer.


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