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Enviro-Mich message from KWinch5940@aol.com

>>TOPIC:   "Climate Change: Politics, Policies, and Economic Potential"  

The United States is the largest carbon-emitter in the world and yet is the
most reticent of the developed nations to enter into the  binding carbon-
emissions Kyoto Treaty.  The main reason is a pseudo-scientific debate in the
US media about the validity of the science of climate change coupled with
authoritative predictions of economic disaster resulting from potential
policies.  Dr. Rogers will discuss this misinformation and what it means to
you. <<

I am SO GLAD to hear word of this event, and would like to pass on word of
another similar one :

       June 14-15, 1999   St. Francis Retreat Center   DeWitt, Michigan
            ( 4pm - 4pm )
....  a conference and training event for the Michigan Interfaith Global
Warming Campaign --- an effort to undergird the scientific consensus on global
warming with a moral one. (This campaign is being run by the Michigan
Ecumenical Forum - the council of churches structure in Michigan.)

The effects of climate change / global warming (and the U.S's reluctance to
take action) present a clear call to justice -  for people living now and
generations to come, and for creation itself.

The conference is intended for members of the religious community of Michigan,
to learn more about this issue and to help 'spread the word' within their
congregation, parish, or synagogue.  Many useful resource materials will be
available, as well as speakers on the science, economics, and theological
aspects of global warming, plus info on energy efficiency steps that will save
churches money AND decrease CO2 emissions.

The cost is minimal, and includes meals and overnight lodging.  Space is
somewhat limited.

Please contact me for further information and a registration brochure.

Kim Winchell         kwinch5940@aol.com
Michigan Interfaith Global Warming Campaign

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