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E-M:/ Isle Royale powerboat issue

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For many years Boy Scout Troops in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Washtenaw
areas have traveled to Isle Royale for hiking, canoeing and kayaking.

We have followed the rules and regulations of any area designated
wilderness.  What we carry into the area we carry out.  Special
provisions are made to motorized boaters.  Trash cans are provided for
the collection of only their trash.  This costs the park service both
time and money.  The shorelines are littered with trash that is thrown
overboard from docking boats in remote areas. Inlets along many
stretches of the shoreline have oil slicks from motorized boats.  This
has an adverse effect on the fish and wildlife in this pristine
wilderness area.

I would like to see many stretches of the shoreline on the island, which
is almost all designated wilderness, should be off limits to motorized
boats.  Also the removal of trash cans or a charge for the collection
and removal of trash from the boater.



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