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Michigan Recycling Conference Scheduled for May

The annual conference and business recycling exposition of the Michigan
Recycling Coalition is set for May 19 and 20 in Midland, Michigan at the
Valley Plaza Resort. This event brings together recycling and solid waste
professionals from all areas of the state and beyond to network and share
information about the industry. If your business is interested in starting a
recycling program, instituting a buy recycled program, or looking at the
potential of recycled feedstock in your product, this will be an opportunity
you will not want to miss.

This year’s event will feature a number of nationally prominent recycling
and business specialists. Dr. Frank Ackerman is an environmental economist
who has written extensively on the economics of solid waste and recycling.
He will kick off the event on Wednesday morning concentrating on "Recycling
Growth in a Bottom Line World." Eric Lombardi, Executive Director of
Eco-cycle in Boulder, Colorado will start the day on Thursday. Eco-cycle,
founded in 1976, is one of the longest running community recycling programs
in the country. Mr. Lombardi will provide insight and experience to
communities facing the current market challenges in today’s recycling arena.
Chuck Cote, a Michigan-based motivational speaker, will guide "individuals
and organizations to excellence by facing and embracing change." His book,
When You’re Green You Grow, When You’re Ripe You Rot: 52 Simple Lessons for
a Lifetime of Excellence, will be published later this year.

Many Michigan manufacturers generate plastic as a waste commodity. The
Michigan Molecular Institute, a research and development facility in
Midland, will provide a session and tour to help businesses see the
potential in recycling and recycled plastic, and provide cutting edge
information about what lies on the horizon. With automobile manufacturers
requiring more recycled content from suppliers, this topic will be of
interest to many attendees.

Sponsors for this year’s conference include the US Postal Service, Consumers
Energy, Dow Corning Corporation, Dow Chemical Corporation, Padnos Iron &
Metal, Manistique Papers, as well as other Michigan organizations.
Exhibitors range from recycled product manufacturers to equipment vendors
and service providers.

For information about registration, exhibitors, sessions and rates, contact
the Michigan Recycling Coalition at 517-371-7073 to request a brochure.

Automobile Recycling Demonstration Project final report now available on the
Internet. Please see http://www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/recycle/auto.html for a
complete report on this project which involves the collection of targeted
plastics for recycling from scrapped automobiles.

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