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E-M:/ Response from Bill

Enviro-Mich message from fenner@PioneerPlanet.infi.net (Ray Fenner)

>        A recent email regarding the corporate-backed "National Town
>Meeting" scheduled for May 2-5 brought a very lengthy reply from a person
>named Waddell (to every address to which the original posting had been
>sent). The general thrust of his message appeared to be supportive of the
>Mtg. and the view that it would be best to be involved in that Mtg. I
>disagree for the following reason:
>        In the 1989 "Blueprint of a Green Economy" the authors write that
>sustainable development "has come to mean whatever suits the advocacy of the
>individual concerned." The term itself has become a powerful tool in the
>hands of those who have the political and financial power, and the media
>connections, to force their definitions and inflections. Any "meeting" of
>the sort that is being backed by such a huge global corporate collective
>will be a controlled situation...absolutely. Involvement by grassroots
>activists will be seen by the larger public as acceptance of the corporate
>view of what larger world problems are and of corporate strategy to correct
>them. The very language used will be theirs. It is their party from
>beginning to end, and they will have complete control of it and of the PR
>that follows.
>        Grassroots activists are overworked. Things like this consume time
>and energy and take one's attention from more important things. In any case,
>I believe the best approach would be simply to expose it as part of the
>long-term corporate strategy to force feed "sustainable development" to the
>masses. Don't forget that sustainable development (code for sustainable
>growth) is the "mother of problems", whether your focus is forests, mining,
>pollution, etc. By becoming part of this "town meeting", one is going to
>their camp and playing by their rules.

- Bill Willers

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