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E-M:/ Archer at UofM Thursday

Enviro-Mich message from "Mark Hanna" <hannama1@pilot.msu.edu>

Dear Enviro Activists:

Dennis Archer will be coming to the University of Michigan campus tomorrow,
Thursday, at 4 PM.

He will be speaking about "Sustainable Communities" in Hale Auditorium in the
Business Administration Building.

Student environmental groups and activists will be questioning Archer on his
environmental policy actions as Mayor of Detroit and as a leader in the
Democratic Party.

Please join these students in attending and questioning Archer at this public

Following is the text of a flyer the students put together:


                    Dennis Archer:


As a leader in the Democratic Party and host of the National Town Meeting on
Sustainable Development, ArcherÕs anti-environmental actions must be

Dennis Archer as Corporate Polluter Spokesperson:

· Proposed anti-environmental resolutions at the United States Conference of
    · Against EPA Environmental Justice Guidelines.  (The Weekly Standard,
    August 3, 1998).
    · Against Clean Air Act Smog and Soot Standards.  (New York Times, June 25,

· Aggressively lobbied the Michigan legislature to gut the pollution standards
for redevelopment in industrial areas in the 1995 Polluters Pay Act.  (Act
signed by Governor Engler on June 6, 1995).

· Lobbied against the expansion of the 1998 Clean Michigan InitiativeÑagainst
funding to alleviate water pollution, lead abatement and for pollution
prevention programs.  (Bond enacted on Nov. 3, 1998).


  DetroitersÕ deserve the same environmental protections and public health
 guarantees as the rest of Michigan. Environmentally healthy communities ARE
         possible without compromising jobs and economic development.


Dennis ArcherÕs Environmental Record in Detroit:

· Failing to spend $4.5 Million of a $5.9 Million grant from Housing and Urban
Development to alleviate lead in Detroit homes.  Only between 45-50 homes have
been cleaned in a city where up to 20% of children have lead poisoning and
where most children are at risk.  (Detroit Free Press, January 29, 1999).

· Initiating plan to put Casinos on the Detroit waterfront. Environmentalists
are strongly opposed to the ecological, quality of life and aesthetic impacts.

· Failing to track number, size and location of hundreds of brownfield sites
despite the fact that as much as 25% of DetroitÕs land may be polluted.
(Detroit News, March 9, 1999).

· Receiving tens of thousands of dollars in polluter contributions for his
mayoral campaigns and his independent PAC.  (Wayne County ClerkÕs Office,
Secretary of State Web Page, 1993, 1997).

· Refusing to close the Detroit Incinerator, the largest municipal waste
incinerator in Michigan.

            Michigan Governor John Engler praised Dennis Archer
 for his "wonderful" leadership in opposing EPA Environmental Justice Policy.
                    (Detroit News, September 2, 1998.)

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