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E-M:/ Endangered Species Conference

Enviro-Mich message from JN Sanders <johnnick@execpc.com>

 You can register by printing out this email and mailing in your
completed registration page.

Endangered Species Activist Conference  at American University,
Washington, D.C.  June 4-7, 1999

Don't miss this important event! Top endangered species activists in
North America will  converge in Washington DC to discuss: Implementation
and Reauthorization
Habitat Conservation Plans
Strategy for the next millennium

Dear Friends, If you have this in hand, it probably means you are a
committed activist who is all too familiar with the pitched battles the
environmental community has been waging in the past few years over the
reauthorization and implementation of this nation's most important
conservation legislation--the Endangered Species Act.

The upcoming ESA Activist's Conference presents an unparalleled
opportunity for the top biodiversity activists in the country to come
together to discuss, strategize, and share experiences over the war we
are waging against those who are committed to destroying the ESA.  As
you are probably all too aware, the ESA still has not been reauthorized
for the new millenium. Congress is increasingly sympathetic to
development and industry interests, and the current administration seems
intent on weakening the ESA through its failure to properly implement
the Act. Yet at the same time our ranks continue to grow in numbers and
strength. In the past year we successfully derailed attempts in the
105th Congress to substantialy weaken the Act and found 108 cosponsors
to Congressman George Miller's positive ESA reauthorization bill.

There are many challenges ahead--but the opportunities for our eventual
success are even greater. We can pass a stronger Endangered Species Act,
and we can force the administration to implement the law so as to
protect species, not corporations. Come to this important conference
with us and learn how to do it!


Brock Evans
Director, Endangered Species Coalition
Detach this section and send to: ESC Conference, 1101 14th Street, NW,
1400, Washington, DC, 20005. Registration deadline May 17th.




City State Zip

LODGING: Lodging is available at the conference site in the dormitories
of American University. If you would like to take advantage of
inexpensive dormitory lodging please indicate below the nights of your
stay. Please note only limited singles are available.
We cannot guarantee your room preference.

Friday     Saturday     Sunday

Single ($49 per night) X no. of nights = $
Double ($33 per night) X no. of nights = $

I would like to share a room with:

Meals: Meals will be available at the campus cafeteria. In addition,
there are sandwich shops in various locations on campus. The meal
plan costs $55 and includes three breakfasts, two lunches, and two

$55 meal plan X no. of people $ =

FEES: There is a $25 registration fee per person to attend the
conference. To reserve a space make your check payable to the Endangered
Species Coalition for the entire amount, including any meal plan,
lodging and registration, and include it with this registration form.

$25 Registration Fee X no. of people $ =

SCHOLARSHIPS: Limited scholarships covering room, board and travel are
available for attendees. You can request a scholarship form by
calling (202) 682-9400 x 289 or e-mail gclouser@defenders.org. Please
note: If you are applying for a scholarship, send the $25 registration
fee, this registration form, and the scholarship form to the address
above. Those not receiving scholarships must pay the remaining balance
at the conference.

Check here if you are interested in Monday's lobby event


FRIDAY, June 4th: Welcome Reception on Capitol Hill

SATURDAY, June 5th:
"25 Years Later: Where the ESA is Today" Daniel Rohlf, Professor, Lewis
& Clark Law School.
"Regional Perspectives on the ESA" Activists from each region will give
updates on their region's endangered species issues.

"Evolving Science: A discussion of the AIBS Report on HCPs" Breakout
Workshops: "Practical and Tactical Methods for ESA Implementation inYour

I. HCPs: Habitat Conservation Plans will soon cover over 24 million
acres of nonfederal habitat in the U.S. Find out what this means to your
area and how you can comment and influence local HCPs. Three sections
will focus on regional and urban HCPs, forest HCPs, and No Surprises and
Safe Harbors agreements.

II. PUBLIC LANDS: Thousands of projects on federally managed lands, and
in our public waters, impact endangered species. Learn how these
projects are reviewed and how you can influence them. Three sections
will focus on forests, rangelands, and water HCPs.

III. LISTING & RECOVERY: Without listing, an imperiled species has no
federal protection. Learn how to get declining species listed, and how
to follow up with critical habitat designation and recovery planning.
Three sections will focus on listing, critical habitat, and recovery

Endangered Species Slide Program featuring Joel Sartore, award winning
photographer for National Geographic. Followed by inspirational words
from Brock Evans, Director of the Endangered Species Campaign.

Saturday Night Party!!!

SUNDAY, June 6th

"The Snail Darter Still Swims in the Politics and Logic of the ESA."
Zygg Plater, Professor, Boston College. Considered by many as one of the
fathers of the Endangered Species Act, Zygg led the landmark lawsuit in
the 1970s against the Tellico Dam.

"A Look Into the Future of the ESA." Panel and open strategy discussion
on reauthorization and implementation of the ESA. Special guest
panelists will include Sarah Dover, Director of the Canadian Endangered
Species Campaign, Jean Flemma, Minority Staff of the House Resources
Committee, and Sue George, a specialist on state endangered species laws
with Defenders of Wildlife.

PM BREAKOUT WORKSHOPS: "Honing Your Grassroots and Advocacy Skills"
I. Lobbying: Workshops on influencing national decisionmakers, the do's
and don'ts of lobbying,  in-district and town hall meetings, with role
playing and handson materials.
II. District Organizing: Workshops on organizing an effective endangered
species movement in your district. Topics will include influencing
decision-makers, recruiting volunteers and leadership development, and
developing a campaign.
III. Allied Voices: Workshops featuring national Allied Voices expert
Suellen Lowry who will show us how to network with allied voices in the
religious, science, medical and sporting communities.
IV. Media: Hands on workshops on effectively communicating with the
using print, radio and tv.

Regional/State Caucuses: An opportunity for activists to strategize with
others from their region.

MONDAY June 7th:
Check the box on the registration form if you are interested in
participating in Monday's lobby visits.

See the Endangered Species Coalition's new page at

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