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MUSKEGON - A broken sewer main has gushed into Muskegon Lake every 
drop of untreated sewage generated by the system's roughly 100,000 
metropolitan Muskegon customers: every flushed toilet, every dishwasher 
load, every drained bathtub.

MUSKEGON - A lake scientist says the sewer break could cause long term 
environmental problems in Muskegon Lake by decreasing the amount of 
oxygen available to fish and other aquatic life.

FLINT - Negotiations aimed at renewing Flint's contract to buy water from 
Detroit have narrowed to a single point: the millions of dollars Flint 
pays for water that is lost in the existing piping that leads here from 
Lake Huron.

THREE RIVERS - Continuing foul odors emanating from the Three Rivers 
Waste Water Treatment Plant brought a fresh barrage of complaints 
Tuesday from residents who live near the facility on the city's south 

KALAMAZOO - Finding enough land to farm in Kalamazoo County wasn't difficult 
just a few decades ago when corn grew where West Main Mall now stands 
abandoned. But as development has encroached, cash-strapped farmers have sold 
their property while the farmers who remain are increasingly pinched for 

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