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E-M:/ Humbug Marsh Public Hearing

Enviro-Mich message from kathleen walz <kbrown@wnol.net>

The next public hearing for the preservation of Humbug Marsh is
Wednesday May 5.  three times have been set for testimony, 10-12am,
1-4pm, and 6-9pm at Uack Arena, 3131 3rd Avenue, downtown Wyandotte.  We
need concerned people willing to testify on behalf of this last coastal
wetland.  The testimony from the previous hearing will not be accepted
and it is my understanding that the various departments of Michigan
Govt. have been told to keep silent.  We need expert testimony on
wetlands, birds, fisheries, the whole kit and kaboodle.  Please help in
the preservation of this wetland, come testify or write to 
Mr. David Gesl Detroit District, US Army Corps of Engineers P.O. Box 102
Detroit, MI 48231 or Mr. Russel Harding, MDEQ Director Hollister
Building 6th floor P.O. Box 30473 Lansing, MI 48909.  Thanks, Kathleen

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