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Please plan to attend:
"A Festival Celebrating Sustainability
Local Kick-off Event for
National Town Meeting"

Detroit -- The City of Detroit, Wayne County, General Motors Corp. and
Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength (MOSES) have joined
together to host "A Festival Celebrating Sustainability" on Saturday, May 1,
1999 on the campus of Wayne State University and throughout the Detroit
Cultural Center.  This local festival is a pre-event activity for the
scheduled National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America and is being
co-chaired by Faye Nelson of Wayne State University and Mary Ball of the
International Institute.

"Wayne State University is honored to welcome thousands of visitors to our
campus on May 1st to kick-off the National Town Meeting," said Wayne State
University President Irvin Reid.

The National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America will take place on May
2-5 at the Cobo Conference and Exhibition Center in downtown Detroit.  The
NTM will highlight the work of communities, businesses and individuals that
offer solutions to help America continue to prosper without environmental
and social impacts.

"As co-hosts of this national event, we want to invite everyone to come to
our festival to witness the progress we are making in our community," said
Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer.

The May 1st kick-off festival will highlight local development that
maintains or enhances economic opportunity and community well-being while
protecting and restoring the natural environment upon which people and
economies depend.  The planning committee includes dozens of representatives
from business, community organizations and cultural institutions.

"It is our hope that our local citizens will participate in this exciting
event so that we can assure that we are all moving forward together into the
next century striving to make the quality of life they enjoys today even
better for the next generation," said Rev. Joseph Barlow, Jr., President of

The local event will begin at noon with a naturalization ceremony of
approximately 500 new citizens sworn in by Federal District Court Judge
Denise Page Hood on Cass Avenue behind the Detroit Public Library. The day
will continue with a large exhibit area featuring exhibits and workshops
from groups and organizations that are helping to make a difference in our
community, like the Wildlife Habitat Council, Michcon, state universities
including Wayne State University, Michigan State University and the
University of Michigan, General Motors and the Friends of the Detroit River,
just to name a few.  Throughout the day, there will be entertainment on the
main and secondary stages that will include magicians, dancers, singers and
performance groups.  There will also be workshops and presentations that
focus on sustainable initiatives from local groups held in locations
throughout the festival site.  The workshops will include a
student-faculty-business roundtable discussion on international
sustainability, a "meet your congressperson" session, geographical
information systems demonstrations, a talk on sustainable design in
architecture and construction and many, many more.

The Fannie Mae Foundation is sponsoring a fair on home ownership to help
make the dream of home ownership reality for all!  They will have
information available in 11 different languages.

"We hope that the citizens will take advantage of this local event to
participate in a national movement of sustainability.  We are honored to be
hosting such an important event and I encourage everyone to get involved,"
stated Wayne county Executive Edward McNamara.

The May 1st festival is free and everyone is welcome to attend.  The entire
event will take place on the campus of Wayne State University in Detroit's
Cultural Center.  The festival will be centered on Cass Avenue behind the
Main Branch of the Detroit Public Library.  Free parking is available on
Wayne State's campus in Parking Structure #1 (northwest cornier of Palmer
and Cass).

Contact: Barbara Farrah, Wayne County Department of Environment

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