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Enviro-Mich message from "frank ambrose" <fambrose@bloomington.in.us>

Subject: Detroit Un-sustainability conference protest, please come!
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Please Foward Widely!
Contact: Frank Ambrose, 313-841-0838

!!Protest Al Gore!!

His Environmental Record is Piss Poor!

Al Gore is speaking at Cobo Hall in Detroit this Tuesday at the Presidents 
Council on Sustainable Development Town Meeting.

By attending this conference, he will be joining some true 
“Environmentalists,” such as:
∑ David Buzzelli, Director, Dow Chemical Company 
∑ William Clay Ford, Jr., Chairman, Ford Motor Company 
∑ Harry Pearce, Vice Chairman, General Motors Corporation
∑ Dennis Archer, Mayor, City of Detroit 
∑ Ray Anderson, Chairman and CEO, Interface, Inc. 
∑ Patrick Moore, Spokesperson for timber industry front group, British 
Columbia Forest Alliance; former Greenpeace executive (bought out)

Join us in a rally and demonstration outside Cobo Hall at 12:30 (meet at 
12:15) while Gore is speaking. It is imperative that we expose this meeting 
as the sham it is. The people can see through the greenwash and what they 
see is the wholesale devastation of the natural world for the profit of a 
few corporate scumbags.

Logging on our publicly owned National Forests is our primary concern. Our 
public forests are being logged and converted to tree plantations by the 
U.S. Forest Service (agency responsible for managing our National Forests). 
A tree farm will never be a suitable habitat for the diversity of life that 
a real forest is. It is time for our government to get out of the business 
of making stumps and get into the business of protecting these lands for 
the future.

The Forest Service lost $1.2 Billion cutting timber on our National Forests 
in 1997. The primary method of cutting those forests is clearcutting. We 
are paying this incredible industry subsidy that is causing untold damage 
to ecosystems and species that depend upon ecological stability. This 
injustice must be ended.

The Clinton/Gore Administration’s time is up. The 11th hour has come and 
gone and we must act now or lose everything. It is unacceptable that the 
issue of sustainable forestry is being presented by the biggest of the 
timber industry names. These corporations are anything but sustainable, and 
must stop being lauded by the government. There must not be any more 
commercial extraction for private profit from our public lands!
!!Protest Patrick Moore, Turn-Coat Industry Flunky!!

To continue our Protest of the Clinton/Gore Administration’s constant 
pandering to timber interests, we will demonstrate outside the American 
Forest and Paper Association’s Learning Session on their (Un)Sustainable 
Forestry Initiative.

The Meeting is at 4:00 (meet at 3:45) in Room DO-07A, DO-07B at Cobo Hall.

It is deplorable that Vice President Gore would attend a conference with 
such unsavory characters as those presenting at the Sustainable Forestry 
Learning Session. Here are the Participants:

∑ Dr. Patrick Moore, British Columbia Forest Alliance (founded by 
Burson-Marstellar, a PR group who has also worked for Exxon, Union Carbide, 
and many others)
∑ Carlton Owen, Vice President, Forest Policy, Champion International 
Corporation (a leading clearcutter of forests for Paper)
∑ Phil Janik, Chief Operating Officer, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Department 
of Agriculture (Government Mouthpiece for Industry)
∑ Industry Leader Representative, (to be announced) 

Patrick Moore will be the primary target of this demonstration. He was a 
founder of Greenpeace, and was bought by the timber industry. He now 
regularly uses his former environmental life to give credibility to the 
opposition. His turncoat sellout nature makes him a great target to expose 
the true nature of this “Learning Session.” We’ve learned our lesson, never 
trust the enemy. 


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