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 LANSING - Tom Bell envisions the Great Lakes as a vast field of water farmed 
by the United States and Canada. The governments would measure snowfall in 
the winter, giving them an idea of how much water they could sell in the 
summer. "It would be like a farmer getting grain out of the fields," said 
Bell, president and publisher of U.S. Water News, a Kansas-based trade 
publication. "If he has a good harvest, he sells it. If there is a small 
harvest, he doesn't sell as much. There is so much water that goes out to sea 
that's unused, why not sell it?" 

   In February of 1998, David Rusk and 90 Michigan residents stood in the 
midst of the neatly trimmed lawns and scenic roads of a housing development 
in Montgomery County, Md. The decidedly urban scene was a stop on the 
Michigan Farm Bureau's Ultimate Farmland Preservation Tour, a week-long cram 
course on farmland preservation in Maryland and Pennsylvania. As Rusk recalls 
in his most recent book: "That morning, I believe, most of the Michiganders 
on the tour truly grasped the connection made by the battle cry of Jack 
Laurie, president of the Michigan Farm Bureau: 'To save our farms, we must 
save our cities.'"

  BAY CITY - Coming soon to a neighborhood near you: A company that wants to 
build a tall, steel-framed communications tower. With it, too, will come 
concern from residents about how the tower looks, about possible health 
hazards from radio waves in populated areas and fears about safety should the 
tower topple.

RICHFIELD TWP. The Holloway Dam has been fixed, and the reservoir is 
refilling at a rate of several inches a day.

The largest of three Northeast Michigan forest fires - each sparked by 
all-terrain vehicles on Saturday - continues to rage today in the Huron 
National Forest.

KALAMAZOO - David Crockett, who helped revitalize the city of Chattanooga, 
Tenn., is scheduled to speak Thursday in Kalamazoo at a public meeting to 
discuss the prospects of sustainable development

 SAGINAW - Maybe not now or soon, but the Saginaw housing market surely will 
suffer if the state outlaws the city's residency requirement for employees, 
experts say.

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