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E-M:/ Sen. Abraham on a local radio talk show..

Enviro-Mich message from KWinch5940@aol.com

This is just an fyi .. some tidbits from Sen. Abraham's phone call visit to a 
Saginaw area radio station this a.m. on the EPA-proposed fuel emission 

Here are the Senator's positions / opinions :

>there should be a more gradual time-line phase in of the standards, and more 
emphasis should be put on decreasing sulfur content in gasoline.

> the standards as written will add too much to the cost of SUV's (industry 
estimate of $400-500) and therefore be bad for the Mi economy  [ the radio 
host correctly noted, I thought, that $400-500 more on a car that costs ~  
$30 - 40,000, and makes a profit for the company of $15,000, is not all that 
much of an increase, and shouldn't even be passed on to consumers ]  .

> in general, he noted that the market runs on "self-interest"  (I suppose 
this is deemed better than the common good)  and that "of course, everyone 
wants cleaner air, but there has to be a balance"  ( just make sure the 
balance favors money over health -- my comment)

>he also proudly touted the successful efforts of Congress in that so far "we 
have managed to delay any increase in CAFE standards for SUV's")   [ is this 
*really* something to be proud of?? ]   and noted that raising their fuel 
efficiency would also decrease sales of this so popular vehicle.

> when asked if he thought there ought to be any limit to the increasing 
sizes of SUV's (ex. the Ford "Valdez" mega SUV), he thought the market should 
decide how big they get.  

Well, friends, no real surprises in any of this, but always good to get it 
right from the source and know what you're up against....

Kim W.

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