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LANSING - Got a lawnmower or outboard engine about to gasp its last? 
Squeeze another year out of it and the state of Michigan may pay you to 
trade it in on a new model. State officials hope to shell out $750,000 next 
year on a controversial rebate program to get older air-polluting engines off 
Michigan's lakes 
and lawns.  Furious environmental groups say 
the state shouldn't use scant funds to pay middle-class suburbanites to 
buy new mowers or replace engines on their water toys. 

LANSING - Just because the deer herd is infected with tuberculosis is no 
reason to prevent people from feeding them, a House committee said 

ANN ARBOR - As part of the four-day national conference on balancing growth 
and the environment, Washtenaw County and Ann Arbor officials had prepared 
buses and 80 bag lunches to showcase Ann Arbor's environmental 
initiatives. But the vice president stole the show in Cobo Hall, and only six 
conferees - plus a 3-month-old baby - joined the five-hour excursion.

ANN ARBOR - Local residents are doing a good job of recycling their paper, 
tin cans 
and grass clippings. Too good a job, it seems.Ann Arbor City Council Monday 
night agreed to pay Recycle Ann Arbor an additional $21,000 a year to help 
the non-profit agency that handles the city's recycling pickups offset annual 
losses of $38,000 at the city's Ellsworth Road drop-off site.

WEST BRANCH - State fire crews still are working today to control a 
70-acre forest fire that broke out Monday near West Branch.

THREE RIVERS - A consultant told the Three Rivers City Commission 
Tuesday that remedial programs may help eliminate the foul odors 
emanating from thewaste water treatment plant on the south side of town. 
The situation has triggered a barrage of complaints by city residents.

MONTAGUE - A black bear's appearance Monday in Montague - usually the 
territory of nothing more exotic than a squirrel - prompted some folks to 
move in for 
a closer look, including one man with his children in tow on a bike 

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