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From: Pradeep Srivastava : +ACI-would'nt we save an enormous amount of fresh
water if we did not have any lawn to water? +ACI-

Actually, the lawn irrigation water makes it back to the original
groundwater source more directly than the household water, assuming you have
a well but are on sewer.  Anybody got specs on +ACU- of  Mich.. households on
well/septic Vs well/sewer Vs main/sewer?  High percentage of wells, I think,
particularly if you count municipal wells.  The seaward water largely gets
treated and dumped into rivers to sail on down and flood your neighbors...
There are lots of waterless lawn options being promoted, from naturalized
with native plants suited to the climate to gravel to mowed weeds like mine.
Fertilizer and pesticide pollution from trying to sustain a pest prone
monoculture, wasted time and energy mowing,  pollution from combustion
engine mowers... there are lots of downs to manicured lawns. .

Jim Fackert

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