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Re: E-M:/ AF&PA Greenscam: Press Release at Detroit Sust. Mtg.

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com


"The Sierra Club supports a genuinely independent forest certification program
called the Forest Stewardship Council.  The FSC has strong standards, requires
certification all the way from the forest to the product on the store shelf,
and is widely supported by environmental organizations around the world". 
--Bruce Hamilton.

While it is encouraging to hear Mr. Hamilton's scorn for the obvious 
Greenscam by AF&PA, it is misleading to suggest that environmental groups 
around the world support FSC. 

FSC does not have strong standards by any means. Until they meet the 
following requirements, FSC is woefully lacking in any real on the ground 

1) public lands will not be certified
2) partial certification will not be permitted
3) chip industries and paper production will not be certified
4) even-aged management (including shelterwood cuts, 2-staged
shelterwood cuts, and seed tree cuts) will not be certified
5) old growth (primary forests) will not be certified 

Murray Dailey

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