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Re: E-M:/ Certification of Forests

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com


State forests in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and New York are ALREADY going
through certification by FSC, and Michigan has been considering it. We sought
to have FSC decline to certify these lands, but the national board declined,
and so those who are concerned about state forests are seeking to assure the
standards reflect the unique nature of public lands, and to provide standards
that are what should be in place on these lands.  Since the state forests
often fall well short of that now, this is an opportunity to push them to
improve, and has already had the effect in Minnesota of the state forest
system creating a mechanism for appeal of timber sales that was not even
considered previously.

Certification is not the route we can take to obtaining a mechanism
 ( A NEPA process) for which to appeal sales (logging and deforestation and 
conversion projects) on state lands. Mutual Assured Destruction will not work.

Yes, it is important to distinguish that there are no administrative remedies 
for appealing state land sales for logging,  oil and gas, and myriad other 
exloration purposes. Certification is a lusty and tempting avenue. 

The public participation process for state forest deforestation occurs in a 
very limited vacum. Compartment reviews and complicated and untimely hearings 
over specific projects are some of the ambigous and scattered avenues of 
recourse we have.

Aside from challenging the legislature and unsustainable mandated timber 
marking, the Endangered Species Act, Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, MEPA, 
Goemare Anderson, etc..., there are no remedies for stopping unsustainable 
logging in our state public lands currently. 

Finding a process similar to NEPA for our state lands? No Commercial Logging 
or the cart before the carrot in defiance of the horse (biological necessity?)

This will change.

Murray Dailey


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