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Re: E-M:/ Meridian Twp.: Serving as a Bad Example Again

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com


And if all else fails, developers will threaten, and proceed, to sue anyone 
and everyone who dares challenge their facist development schemes. 

Developers are among the lowliest of our species. There are 2-3 bulldozers, 
landscrapers, and hedgehogs on every corner  in Oakland County, and 
throughout southern Michigan. Traverse City has 4-5 earth raping machines on 
every new strip/road, extending farther and denser in every direction 

In just four years i have seen thousands and thousands of acres of lands 
clearcut, wetlands destroyed, and communities demolished in Oakland County. 
It is sickening, unpatriotic, and perhaps the greatest example of selfish, 
unrelenting greeed that our society faces. This industry is profiting in the 
billions while our future and our planet are being raped.

No local governments or state legislators will stand up to developers nor 
have they shown ANY will to strenghten, pass or even enforce current 
ordinances or laws. I have heard the phrase, "we are doing everything 
required of us under law" (which is hardly ever the case anyway) by local 
government ad nausea.,

No, they sit by and expect the few and far between environmentalists to carry 
all the burdens and then take all the blame.

Without a doubt, sprawl and deforestation (this includes conversion of native 
and recovering forests to pine plantations and aspen monocultures) are the 
two greatest threats to biodiversity and species exctinction facing us.

Those who hold office are doing NOTHING to address this.

Everyone in government are in the pockets of this greed ridden, despicable 
Real Estate industry, fearful of them, or just plain uneducated or in denial 
as to the horrible toll that sprawl is taking on human and non-human quality 
of life. 

I wonder when all the legislators and their staffers, who no doubt monitor 
this list-serve, are gonna get up off there asses and do something which 
changes things ON THE GROUND??????

We all know where developers can go build!

Murray Dailey 

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