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Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com

Bonnie: Your response to Anne Woiwode, "I think you do many of us a 
disservice when you say we are uneducated on land use issues", should be 
directed at me, Murray Dailey. Anne Woiwode's posts or comments did not make 
this assumption or insinuation-as far as i have read. I think Anne's points 
were succinct and consise.

Also, "the private property owner rights" is a euphemism co-opted for evoking 
 a developer's right to make big bucks at the expense of the public trust and 
doctrine and greater well being of the community. 

DEQ knows full well that they can prosecute and harass the little guy to make 
"a point of enforcement", while letting the big guy (developers and 
deforestation corporations) run ramshod over laws and public 
trust-clearcutting vast areas and destroying wetlands with impunity.

Many developers never fully own land they plan on destroying until they make 
it through rezoning, plat approvals, planning commission, and local 
government engineering sign-offs. It is only then that the "official land 
title transfer occurs". All you have to do is find out who is paying the 

Every single township or village planning commission in this state has a 
docket (developers in line like vultures) backed up with developers DEMANDING 
approval to run ramshod over every law on the books, knowing full well that 
the DEQ is eventually going to rubber stamp everything they ask for-even if 
the DEQ makes vague and lame attempts to show that they give a darn. In the 
end, everything is approved.

What do you know of the Michigan Environmental Protection Act? The endangered 
Species Act? The Clean Water Act? the Goemere Anderson Act? Do you (or the 
majority of local government officials) have these laws in front of you when 
making each and every decision? The answer is no. You refer and place the 
burden of everything on your attorneys. They of course tell you to settle or 
approve or it is gonna cost BIG BUCKS to defend against lawsuits  by the 
developer for their "property rights". 

If more people like you and your local government took a stand based on this 
law, (take political and economic risk), or spent the money on attorneys to 
PROTECT AND ENFORCE LAWS, then maybe these vultures would think twice about 
exerting intimidation.

You speak of a balance?

Murray Dailey


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