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Re: E-M:/ deer license plates

Mr. Evans is correct in saying that there are several serious ramifications of excessive deer herds in Michigan.  However, the US Forest Service consistently takes action that actually increase habitat suitability for deer.  In the Borrowed Time project set NEPA documents, the Forest Service went so far as to say the logging of closed canopy forest would help to increase deer.  They used this argument in a convoluted way to justify their ill-conceived plans to log the area near the Big Island Lakes Wilderness Area.  So, while the incidence of deer-car collisions remains high, and bald eagles die from feeding on carcasses, the US Forest Service continues to manage our public lands in a manner that helps deer. 
The State of Michigan DNR also continues to clearcut public forestlands in a way that also leads to higher then normal deer numbers.  Both agencies continue to spend public dollars to log public lands in ways that harm public wildlife. 
David J. Zaber
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As a biologist working in the U.P., I wanted to make sure Enviro-Mich folks
were aware that removing vehicle-killed deer from roadsides is more than
just a joking matter.  I am personally aware of at least 25 bald eagles that
have been hit and killed by vehicles while feeding on vehicle-killed deer
along just one small area of US-2 and US-45 in the Western U.P. within the
last 4 years alone. Many more eagles were injured by vehicles during this
same period.  My agency and others have worked for several years now to try
to come up with a solution to the problem, but the bottom line is that it
will take funds to pay for prompt removal of these carcasses.

I am not taking a position one way or the other on the deer license plate
issue, but I wanted to make sure folks knew that there is a need out there
to do this work, and it does affect other species, such as bald eagles.

Robert Evans

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