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E-M:/ Ottawa National Forest Action Alert!

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com


I apologize for late notification or duplicate postings. It is not too late 
>to write a letter in support of the appeal of Rolling Thunder proposed 
>logging operation.

>Murray Dailey
Northwoods Wilderness Recovery
>Ottawa National Forest "Rolling Thunder" Timber Sale Appealed
>With the help of Mark Donham of the Heartwood litigation staff, Northwoods
>Wilderness Recovery, Forest Guardians, and Frank Verito appealed the Ottawa
>National Forest's Rolling Thunder timber sale, on April 5, 1999.  Rolling
>Thunder (named after the US bombing mission of North Vietnam!) is located
>next to Sylvania Wilderness, which is one of the largest tracts of virgin
>forest (15,000+ acres)left in the upper midwest.  The Forest Service plans
>to select log 900 acres of hardwoods and clearcut nearly 150 acres of
>aspen.  All of the clearcuts border wetlands.
>Sylvania and Rolling Thunder are part of a massive wetlands complex that
>forms the Headwaters of the Wisconsin River and rivers flowing into Lakes
>Michigan and Superior. The area also lies in a remote wildlife corridor
>that follows much of the Michigan/Wisconsin border.  Canada Lynx, Eastern
>Timber Wolf, Pine Marten, Northern Goshawk, Red-shouldered Hawk, American
>Bittern, Wood Turtle, and other rare species are found in the area and are
>at risk from extensive logging of this sale and numerous other sales.
>Additionally, the cut will negatively impact recreation opportunities in
>Sylvania and the Rolling Thunder area.  The adjacent Sylvania Wilderness
>receives ten of thousands of visitors per year and nearly 5,000 people per
>year use a cross-country ski trail system  that travels through Rolling
>Thunder.  The Forest Service limits the expansion of Wilderness and
>Wilderness recreation by logging forests on the edge of protected areas.
>This practice is commonly known as "bordering" and discourages
>recreationists from going beyond the Wilderness boundary. 
>Please send your "Interested Party" letter supporting our appeal to:
>Appeal Deciding Officer
>310 W. Wisconsin Ave.
>Milwaukee, WI 49855
>For more information contact:
>Northwoods Wilderness Recovery
>P.O. Box 122
>Marquette, MI 49855
>E-mail:  drcornet@up.net
>              murphwild1@aol.com
>              (248-693-9589)

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