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E-M:/ HR 98 and committee meeting ....

Enviro-Mich message from KWinch5940@aol.com

....just a few final thoughts (at least for now) :

Just what is the *point* anyway of these state legislature "anti-Kyoto 
Protocol" votes ?

     Think about it.

The U.S. Senate has already gone on record as opposing the Kyoto Treaty.

We know that a fossil fuel industry lobbying group is making the rounds of 
state legislators and hand feeding them these anti-Kyoto resolutions.

...I suppose it could be that some state legislators vote for it with good 
intentions, albeit grossly misinformed ones.

Then again, I wonder if some do it out of arrogance and spite - they've got 
the votes, so they're gonna pass it!

In the final analysis, though, it seems to me that in their passing of such 
measures, *especially* without hearing credible testimony from all sides, 
they simply become the yes-men and women, the mouthpieces, for industry 

..... and that's sinking pretty low .... though sadly, not that uncommon in 
Michigan these days.

Kim Winchell

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