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E-M:/ HR 98 and the committee meeting Thurs

Enviro-Mich message from KWinch5940@aol.com

EM Friends -

I'd like to share Rev. Steven Johns-Boehme's thoughts on what happened in the 
House Conservation and Outdoor Rec Committee yesterday (it's being sent to 
papers as an editorial piece ) :

>>State Representative Larry DeVuyst left citizen participation as road kill 
at a Lansing legislative hearing May 20. 

I am writing to express my outrage at the way in which citizens were treated 
by State Rep. Larry DeVuyst during a hearing on a resolution he introduced 
opposing a treaty to curb global warming.  Mounting scientific evidence and 
consensus indicate that the pollution of the atmosphere with global warming 
gases such as carbon dioxide threatens the quality of life for us and our 
children.  I was there to testify on behalf of the religious community which 
has come together in the Michigan Interfaith Global Warming Campaign out of 
concern for what we are doing to God's Creation.

After a representative of the petroleum industry was given more than 10 
minutes to testify in support of the resolution, Rep. DeVuyst refused to give 
concerned citizens a chance to explain their opposition to it.  But he 
permitted more than 45 minutes of the committee's time that day to be taken
up by a bill to create a license plate to clean up road kill.

Rep. DeVuyst's lack of courtesy to citizens is appalling. He permitted only 
two testimonies in favor of his resolution, and then muzzled the others who 
registered to speak. It telegraphs his closed mind on an issue that can 
radically affect the health of our children and grandchildren. It 
dramatically illustrates that he does not want citizen participation when it 
runs counter to his position.

Citizen participation, debate on a vital issue of our day ?  Rep. Duvyst left 
them as road kill in Lansing.

Rev. Steven L. Johns-Boehme
Executive Director
Michigan Ecumenical Forum
809 Center Street, Suite 5
Lansing, MI 48906-5257
(517) 485-4395   >>

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