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Re: Re: E-M:/ deer license plates

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com

Dear iceware,

Whoever: Your statement to Mr. Cornett, "I disagree with you for you are not 
considering the artificial support the
>deer herd gets"--What does this mean? 

Along with the rest of your message, this is the most ambigous, vague, 
inconclusive and quite simply meaningless statement i have yet to see from 
someone on this list.

Please, inform us of the values (other than way too many whitetails) of 
Forest Service and Industries massive artificial increases of early 
successional forests (plantations) through clearcutting and even aged 
management--which by the way, do not mimic natural disturbances no matter how 
many times the Forest Service says it does in their EA's, BE's and EIS's.

Surely you can do better.


Murray Dailey

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