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Please list the benefits to wildlife that you mention, but fail to discuss.

Also, if Rolling Thunder was not named after the US bombing mission of North 
Vietnam, than what was it named after?

Amused as well,

murray dailey

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Dear Murray-

I recently visited the site of the rolling thunder timber sale on the Ottawa
national forest.  The benefits of this sale to wildlife will be many,
including some of the species you mention as being negatively affected.  We
(Forest service staff and I) also found great amusement in the notion that
the sale is named after bombing in Vietnam.  That is ridiculous.  To protect
your own credibility, I would suggest checking the validity of rumors and
habitat/wildlife interactions before disseminating information via e-mail.

Mark Banker
Wildlife Biologist

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Date: Thursday, May 20, 1999 11:18 PM
Subject: E-M:/ Ottawa National Forest Action Alert!

>Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com
>I apologize for late notification or duplicate postings. It is not too late
>>to write a letter in support of the appeal of Rolling Thunder proposed
>>logging operation.
>>Murray Dailey
>Northwoods Wilderness Recovery
>>Ottawa National Forest "Rolling Thunder" Timber Sale Appealed
>>With the help of Mark Donham of the Heartwood litigation staff, Northwoods
>>Wilderness Recovery, Forest Guardians, and Frank Verito appealed the
>>National Forest's Rolling Thunder timber sale, on April 5, 1999.  Rolling
>>Thunder (named after the US bombing mission of North Vietnam!) is located
>>next to Sylvania Wilderness, which is one of the largest tracts of virgin
>>forest (15,000+ acres)left in the upper midwest.  The Forest Service plans
>>to select log 900 acres of hardwoods and clearcut nearly 150 acres of
>>aspen.  All of the clearcuts border wetlands.
>>Sylvania and Rolling Thunder are part of a massive wetlands complex that
>>forms the Headwaters of the Wisconsin River and rivers flowing into Lakes
>>Michigan and Superior. The area also lies in a remote wildlife corridor
>>that follows much of the Michigan/Wisconsin border.  Canada Lynx, Eastern
>>Timber Wolf, Pine Marten, Northern Goshawk, Red-shouldered Hawk, American
>>Bittern, Wood Turtle, and other rare species are found in the area and are
>>at risk from extensive logging of this sale and numerous other sales.
>>Additionally, the cut will negatively impact recreation opportunities in
>>Sylvania and the Rolling Thunder area.  The adjacent Sylvania Wilderness
>>receives ten of thousands of visitors per year and nearly 5,000 people per
>>year use a cross-country ski trail system  that travels through Rolling
>>Thunder.  The Forest Service limits the expansion of Wilderness and
>>Wilderness recreation by logging forests on the edge of protected areas.
>>This practice is commonly known as "bordering" and discourages
>>recreationists from going beyond the Wilderness boundary.
>>Please send your "Interested Party" letter supporting our appeal to:
>>Appeal Deciding Officer
>>310 W. Wisconsin Ave.
>>Milwaukee, WI 49855
>>For more information contact:
>>Northwoods Wilderness Recovery
>>P.O. Box 122
>>Marquette, MI 49855
>>E-mail:  drcornet@up.net
>>              murphwild1@aol.com
>>              (248-693-9589)
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