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E-M:/ Forest Service Lawbreaking (again)

Well, it looks like the Forest Service is still up to its old tricks.  This looks like the Regional Forester for Forest Service Region 9 (Maine to Minnesota and states north of the Ohio River) broke federal laws when advocating for accelerated road construction and reconstruction in the region.  Perhaps if they wasted fewer taxpayer dollars logging our national forests, they could afford to pay for road maintenance (for road repair often due to their use by logging equipment, no less). 
Readers of this list should also keep in mind that the Regional Office in Milwaukee also sent out federal employees to teach Forest Service line officers in the Northeast how to circumvent federal environmental laws earlier this decade.  Affidavits from Forest Service employees attesting to this fact were included in litigation over Lamb Brook in New Hampshire.  In that case, Forest Service proposed to log in the sensitive Lamb Brook area despite its critical importance to black bear and other wildlife species. 
Here is a snippet from the article. The full text is available at:
"GAO: Forest Serv. Lobbied Illegally
Associated Press Writer=
   WASHINGTON (AP) _ The Forest Service lobbied illegally to try to
boost road funds and change the way it distributes county aid,
according to congressional investigators.
   A regional forester in Michigan told interest groups last year
to ``let Congress know'' of the need to boost funds for roads in
national forests, the General Accounting Office said in a report
released Monday."