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E-M:/ FEDERAL: Animal Damage Control (now Wildlife Services) update.

Enviro-Mich message from LexAnima@aol.com

DEFAZIO-BASS AMENDMENT UPDATE (we are using DeFazio's name first now as the 
amendment will be announced under his name):

The vote on the DeFazio-Bass Amendment to the House Agriculture 
Appropriations bill has not happened yet.  A backlog of amendments on the 
bill last week and this week's Congressional recess have caused a slight 

This amendment to the House Agriculture Appropriations bill will cut $7 
million from the budget of the nortorious Wildlife Services agency under 
USDA, which uses that money to poison, trap, and shoot our wildlife in the 
name of livestock protection.  From Oklahoma's Tulsa World to The Oregonian 
in the Northwest, newspapers are coming out in favor of this cut.  Polls show 
that 78% of Americans are against taxpayer-funded lethal predator control.

Congress will be back in session on Monday, June 7, and the vote could happen 
any time after that.  Unfortunately, this brief delay does not help us unless 
we all redouble our efforts as it has given our opponents time to barrage 
their Representatives.

We must all get the word out to CALL and FAX U.S. Representatives IMMEDIATELY 

Please take the following actions to support the DeFazio-Bass Amendment:

1)  Call your Representative's office and urge a YES vote on the DeFazio-Bass 
Amendment to the House Agriculture Appropriations Bill (to find your U.S. 
Representative and his/her phone number, call us at 202-955-3668).  

2)  Fax a letter urging the same to your Representative.

3)  Call your Representative's district office and find out their public 
appearance schedule while they are home this week. Try to attend an event 
where you might be able to ask a question or personally urge your 
Representative to cast a "YES" vote on DeFazio-Bass.

4)  Write a letter to the editor (see our web site at 
www.hsus.org/programs/government/ws_alert051899.html and use the sample 
letters as a guide) to your local papers urging folks to contact their 
Representatives on this issue. 

DON'T FORGET THE 100,000 animals who die horrible deaths at the hands of this 
government agency.  This is our opportunity to stop the slaughter --- we must 
all keep the pressure on.  Your response has been excellent --- but don't 
stop now.   Spread the word!  

Thank you for everything you can do for these animals.

D'Arcy Kemnitz
(currently in Washington, D.C.  202 319 0723)

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