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E-M:/ Sunday's Smog...You heard it here first...

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Last Sunday's air pollution episode may have been a first.....

....and you heard it here first.

....Michigan has 26 ozone monitors, most of which are
operated by MDEQ.

Out of these 26 monitors, data is immediately availabe
for 25 sites

For Sunday, May 30, 1999, only two sites out of the 
25 reporting data were NOT measuring excursions
of EPA's new 8 hour ozone health standard....Harbor Beach
and Tecumseh

Nothing like this happened last year.  

Dishonors for the dirtiest air that day go to 
Evans (downwind of Grand Rapids) and Muskegon, 
tied for 104 parts per billion, and Detroit (east side)
at 103

Here is the data:

Health Standard                         85

Coloma                                  92
Holland                                   96
Muskegon                        104
Ludington                               100
Frankfort                               86
Traverse City                   85
Houghton Lake                   95
Evans                                   104
Grand Rapids                    86
Jenison                                 90
Lansing                                 90      
Bath Township (Rose Lake)  89
Flint                                   85
Otisville                               86
Port Huron                      91
New Haven                       94
Oak Park                        93
Warren                          88
Detroit (east side)             103
Allen Park                      92
Detroit (Linwood)               92
Ann Arbor                       92

Meanwhile, Russ Harding and John Engler
are about as busy as they can be trying 
to trash multiple state controls on 
nitrogen oxides in judicial actions against
EPA that would prevent transport of 
ozone into Michigan, particularly on the
west side of the state.

They recently got some success out of
two far right wing judges on the DC Circuit Court of 
Appeals....Judge Douglas Ginsburg and Stephen Williams,
who also recently thumped EPA in a decision against
the new health standards that will almost certainly 
be appealed to the full DC Circuit or the Supreme Court.

Ginsburg and Williams are known to make appearances
at conferences of the Federalist Society...the same outfit
that 4 of seven Michigan Supreme Court justices are 
now members of......I recently read about that in the legal
column of the Michigan AFL-CIO News.....

Ginsburg sits on the board of a right wing outfit called
the  Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment (FREE),
which, like Russ Harding, is trying to trash "command and control"
environmental regulation that is responsible for the environmental
cleanup we've had since the 1970's.

You can read an article about how Ginsburg and Williams
went on all expense paid FREE junkets to Montana, and 
about all of the Michigan federal court judges that have 
attended these FREE sessions at:


....pretty revolting stuff.....
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