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MSU's Turfgrass Information Center, a unit of the MSU Libraries, provides
online and collection access to the published literature of turf science,
including golf course operations.  The MSU Libraries are also home to the O.
J. Noer Memorial Turfgrass Collection, the largest publicly accessible such
collection in the world.
Please see our website, at:
which includes complete information about our operations and services (some
of which we do charge for, on a fee-for-service basis).
At present, the databases of the Center are available for unrestricted
access via the website.  For an overview of materials relating to golf
course environmental issues, you might try reviewing several of our "Hot
Turf Topics", such as "Golf course as a land use form," "Wildlife and golf
courses",  "Wetlands and golf courses," "Groundwater," etc, etc..
For more than you probably want to identify or review, search "golf courses
in the environment" in our "Subject Search" interface, which will produce a
search set of over 1000 articles, documents, etc. on a fairly broad range of
environmental issues, but all specifically relating to golf courses.  There
is lots out there!
In addition, I'd like to add a request for your collective assistance in
building, further and continuously, both the collection and online access to
it.  We collect and monitor the worldwide turfgrass literature, including
lawn care and culture, sports turf, roadside turf, golf courses, airfields,
utility turf, etc.  But much of the potentially relevant material,
particularly local issues/decision-making content and reporting, we do not
pick up except by referral or by monitoring more general online indexes.

Copy us things you produce or see, please, and they will be indexed,
abstracted, and stored, thus being accessible in the future.  We do not
synthesize, evaluate, diagnose, recommend, or advise on turf issues.  We
only provide access, to a very wide range of sources, and the wider the
range of materials that are supplied to us, the more diverse the content
will be.

We hope you find our resources of assistance, and would welcome your help. 

Pete Cookingham                               cooking1@msu.edu
Turfgrass Information Center                www.lib.msu.edu/tgif
Michigan State University Libraries         fax: (517) 353-1975
(517) 353-7209                                

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