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Re: E-M:/ Re: Ecological Golf Courses?

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At 10:59 AM 6/3/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from Michelle Gesmundo <gesmundm@msue.msu.edu>
>Environmentally sound golf courses?  In a move towards this goal,  the
>Michigan Department of Agriculture, Environmental Stewardship Division,
>is getting their new Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewarship Program
>for golf courses in motion.  The purpose of the program is to "assist
>golf property managers in describing and evaluating potential sources of
>contamination from their operation through a series of self-assessment
>exercises.  Through these exercises, property owners and managers will
>be able to gauge their level of pollution protection and clearly
>indicate their level of compliance with the  most common laws and
>regulations that affect turf operations.  This program is designed as a
>self-assessment tool and is intended to be a confidential, internal
>document used to illlustrate areas of excellent environmental
>performance and areas where additional pollution protection measures are
>necessary.  This is a dynmanic program that will be continually updated
>as additional information is needed or as laws change.  New modules are
>currently being developed to address the enhancement of wildlife habitat
>and the protection of indigenous vegetation and water quality on golf
>course properties.


In other words, like the Ag Dept's efforts on hog hotels
and much of the rest of the Engler Administration effort
to abdicate "command and control" regulation in favor of 
voluntary approaches....

...there is no accountability
...there is no assurance of environmental and public health protection
...nothing happens if environment and resources continue to be degraded
...there's lots of PR to try to give the public a false assurance of progress
...state funds are diverted from regulatory programs to what in actuality 
    are consulting efforts that really should be paid for by the client
constituencies and not taxpayers

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