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E-M:/ Keep Sprawl Language in DEQ Budget

Enviro-Mich message from Julie Stoneman <juliemec@voyager.net>

>News from the Land Stewardship Initiative. . .
>. . .A Project of the Michigan Environmental Council
>(with apologies for multiple postings)
>****Make the State Consider the Impact of its Spending Policies on Land Use-
>Decision to be Made Next Week****
>"If 59 state legislators are clear-headed enough to understand that state
government actions do affect un- or poorly managed growth-and are impatient
enough to act on that understanding-more power to them."-Ann Arbor News
editorial after the House voted 46-59 to keep Sec. 224 in the DEQ budget
>The Department of Environmental Quality's budget (SB 364) has been sent to
conference committee by the Senate.  The House, through the efforts of Rep.
Bill Byl (R-Grand Rapids), added Sec. 224 to SB 364 that requires DEQ to
consider the impacts of that agency's spending on land use--a very historic
consideration.  But whether Sec. 224 remains in the budget is up to the six
members of the conference committee:   Sen. Loren Bennett (R-Canton), Sen.
Walter North (R-St. Ignace), Sen. Alma Wheeler Smith (D-Salem), Rep. Byl,
Rep. David Mead (R-Frankfort) and Rep. Paul Tesanovich (D-L'Anse).   
>Based on previous votes taken during the budget debate, Bennett, North and
Mead are NOT likely to support inclusion of Sec. 224.  Byl, Tsenaovich and
Smith WILL likely support it.  Four votes are needed to pass the budget
bill out of conference committee which meets next week (week of June 7).
>Please contact members of the conference committee and urge their support
for keeping Sec. 224.   Sec. 224 directs DEQ to 1) consider the impact of
grants, loans and technical assistance on urban redevelopment and existing
utilities and infrastructure; 2) report information on those impacts on an
annual basis; 3) encourage inter-governmental cooperation and coordination;
and 4) consider the compatibility of assistance with local comprehensive
plans and zoning ordinances.  
>Consideration of state spending on land use has long been overlooked in
Michigan but it does have an impact on sprawl.  Sec. 224 is a critical step
to assure that investments made by the state do not threaten farm and
forest land, open space, and urban vitality. Let the conference committee
members--especially Bennett, North and Mead--know what you think.
>Sen. Bennett	517-373-7350
>Sen. North	517-373-2413
>Sen. Smith	517-373-2406
>Rep. Byl	517-373-2668
>Rep. Mead	517-373-0825
>Rep. Tesanovich  517-373-0850	
>Please express your gratitude to the House members who supported Sec. 224
in the DEQ budget bill (SB 364) and also your disappointment to those who
attempted to strip the language from it. In addition, using the sample
below for ideas, please send letters to the editor of your local newspaper.
As a refresher, you'll find the vote listing for each representative
following the sample letter.  
>Thank you very much for all your help.
>For years, the issue of urban sprawl has all but been ignored by the state
legislature.  Last week, the House of Representatives passed a historical
vote, which requires local land use consideration of grants and loans made
by the Department Environmental Quality.  The support of local legislators
who voted in favor of the language should be congratulated, including
____(names)________. I would also like to emphasize my disappointment with
those legislators also from this area who voted to strip the language from
the bill, 	(names)	.  I would hope that our community would like to see
progress into the new millennium be smart progress, not sprawling progress.
 Thanks again to our legislators who are wise enough to know that how the
state spends its dollars has some affect on our ability to protect farmland
and open space, redevelop cities, and a provide a great quality of life for
>A NAY vote--the correct vote--kept Sec. 224 in SB 364.
>Allen	Jason	R	Nay
>Baird	Laura	D	Nay
>Basham	Raymond	D	Nay
>Birkholz Patty	R	Not Voting
>Bisbee	Clark	R	Yay
>Bishop	Michael R	Yay
>Bogardus Rose	D	Nay
>Bovin	Douglas	D	Yay
>Bradstreet	Ken	R	Yay
>Brater	Elizabeth	D	Nay
>Brewer	Lingg	D	Not Voting
>Brown	Bob	D	Nay
>Brown	Cameron	R	Yay
>Byl	William	R	Nay
>Callahan	William	D	Nay
>Cassis	Nancy	R	Yay
>Caul	Sandy	R	Yay
>Cherry	Deborah	D	Nay
>Clark	Irma	D	Nay
>Clarke	Hansen	D	Nay
>Daniels	Ken	D	Nay
>DeHart	Eileen	D	Nay
>Dennis	Julie	D	Nay
>DeRossett	Gene	R	Yay
>DeVuyst	Larry	R	Yay
>DeWeese	Paul	R	Nay
>Ehardt	Stephen R.	R	Nay
>Faunce	Jennifer	R	Yay
>Frank	A.T.	D	Yay
>Garcia	Valde	R	Yay
>Garza	Belda	D	Nay
>Geiger	Terry	R	Yay
>Gieleghem	Paul	D	Nay
>Gilbert	Jud	R	Yay
>Godchaux	Patricia	R	Nay
>Gosselin	Robert	R	Yay
>Green	Mike	R	Not Voting
>Hager	Lauren	R	Yay
>Hale	Derrick	D	Nay
>Hanley	Michael	D	Nay
>Hansen	John	D	Nay
>Hardman	Artina	D	Nay
>Hart	Doug	R	Nay
>Howell	Jim	R	Nay
>Jacobs	Gilda	D	Nay
>Jamnick	Ruth Ann	D	Nay
>Jansen	Mark	R	Nay
>Jelinek	Ron	R	Yay
>Jellema	Jon	R	Nay
>Johnson	Ruth	R	Yay
>Johnson	Rick	R	Nay
>Julian	Larry	R	Nay
>Kelly	Thomas	D	Nay
>Kilpatrick	Kwame	D	Not Voting
>Koetje	James	R	Yay
>Kowall	Mike	R	Yay
>Kuipers	Wayne	R	Yay
>Kukuk	Janet	R	Yay
>LaForge	Ed	D	Nay
>LaSata	Charles	R	Nay
>Law	Gerald	R	Yay
>Lemmons	LaMar	D	Nay
>Lockwood	Patricia	D	Nay
>Mans	George	D	Nay
>Martinez	Lynne	D	Nay
>Mead	David	R	Yay
>Middaugh	Mary Ann	R	Yay
>Minore	Jack	D	Nay
>Mortimer	Mickey	R	Nay
>Neumann	Andy	D	Yay
>O'Neil	William	D	Yay
>Pappageorge	John	R	Yay
>Patterson	Bruce	R	Yay
>Perricone	Charles	R	Yay
>Pestka	Steve	D	Yay
>Price	Hubert	D	Nay
>Prusi	Michael	D	Nay
>Pumford	Mike	R	Nay
>Quarles	Nancy	D	Nay
>Raczkowski	Andrew	R	Yay
>Reeves	Triette Lipsey	D	Nay
>Richardville	Randy	R	Yay
>Richner	Andrew	R	Yay
>Rison	Vera	D	Not Voting
>Rivet	Joseph	D	Nay
>Rocca	Sue	R	Yay
>Sanborn	Alan	R	Yay
>Schauer	Mark	D	Nay
>Schermesser	Gloria	D	Nay
>Scott	Martha	D	Nay
>Scranton	Judith	R	Nay
>Shackleton	Scott	R	Yay
>Sheltrown	Dale	D	Yay
>Shulman	Marc	R	Yay
>Spade	Doug	D	Nay
>Stallworth	Keith	D	Nay
>Stamas	Tony	R	Yay
>Switalski	Michael	D	Nay
>Tabor	Susan	R	Yay
>Tesanovich	Paul	D	Nay
>Thomas	Samuel	D	Nay
>Toy	Laura	R	Yay
>VanderRoest	Jerry	R	Yay
>VanWoerkom	Gerald	R	Nay
>Vaughn	Ed	D	Nay
>Vear	Steve	R	Yay
>Voorhees	Joanne	R	Yay
>Wojno	Paul	D	Nay
>Woodward	Dave	D	Nay
>Woronchak	Gary	R	Yay

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