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Re: E-M:/ Golf Courses -- not just about pollution

I remember seeing a statistic about Michigan having 250,000 acres of state parks and 260,000 acres of golf courses.  Can anyone corroborate this fascinating little tidbit?
David J. Zaber
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> Folks:
> Michigan has more golf courses per capita than any other state in the nation,
> despite the fact that we have winter (meaning a 8 month season even for the
> most hardy).  Even if you could build every one of them to the highest
> standards, I think it is not environmentally sound for people to build more
> golf courses in Michigan.  The other factors that surround golf courses and
> the environment:

Thank you Anne!

What we need is a moratorium on an new golf courses and the little cities
they produce.

In northern Michigan, they have the ecological effect of a permanent toxic
clearcut, plus the habitat destruction of the surrounding sprawl.


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