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All the good PR in the world cannot buy back what has been destroyed in 
Michigan, and especially northern Michigan, by golf course industry. 

I'd say a moratorium on all new golf courses is in order until a 
comprehensive study on the cummulative impacts of the chemical onslaught and 
contamination created by this industry has been conducted within the 
"sourcing areas" (the entire golf course and effected watersheds, wetlands 
and community aquifers) of current course developments, and, let us not 
forget strict application of the Endangered Species Act--on private land. 

While some search for delightful and esoteric greening of golf course 
destruction in Michigan, habitat is lost, and chemical contamination is a 
fact. But i will admit, it is an easier burden to bare, enabling, and it 
takes us further and further from getting at the SOURCE of the problem. 
Greenwashing is enabling as this industry speeds ahead incessantly.

Like Hog Farms, chip, pulp and paper mills, this industry creates 
fragmentation and contamination on an industrial scale, and gross loss of 

What about the public trust? What about the expense of our future for the 
pleasure and profit of a few?
Murray Dailey

In other words, like the Ag Dept's efforts on hog hotels
and much of the rest of the Engler Administration effort
to abdicate "command and control" regulation in favor of 
voluntary approaches....

.there is no accountability
.there is no assurance of environmental and public health protection
.nothing happens if environment and resources continue to be degraded
.there's lots of PR to try to give the public a false assurance of progress
.state funds are diverted from regulatory programs to what in actuality 
    are consulting efforts that really should be paid for by the client
constituencies and not taxpayers

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