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E-M:/ Important Mtg for Milan area residents!

Enviro-Mich message from tobler <wtobler@tdi.net>

The environment for miles around Milan (south of Ann Arbor and
Ypsilanti) will never be the same if the Ann Arbor Railroad manages to
persuade the Milan Township Board to allow its proposed 900 acre auto
distribution center along a two mile stretch of farmland on the east
side of Rt 23 between Sherman and Cone Rds.

This will be the largest of its kind in the world by a huge, huge
margin, blessing us with the following: 

1) 24 hour/day operation, 7 days a week 

2) 400-500 acres of asphalt (enough, says our weather expert, to create
a micro-climate capable of creating local thunderstorms and more) 

3) At least 14 train tracks to line up RR cars for onloading and
offloading automobiles to and from the ...

4) 50 semi-trucks PER EVERY HOUR which will inch along a perimeter road
while awaiting their turn (imagine the noise and air pollution!)

5) 900 acres of lighting which will make natural darkness and sunsets a
thing of the past for area residents

6) An estimated 10 million gallons of runoff water per inch of rainfall
from the 400+ acres of asphalt, carrying with it all of the operation's
industrial contaminants (the site includes a truck wash, e.g.) into the
Saline River and then Raisin River

7) No asset to the township or surrounding areas that we can think of,
other than some $25,000 in taxes, which will likely be spent repairing
the road damage of 2400 truck trips (1200 coming in and then leaving). 
However, the damage to Rt 23 and other out-of-township roads will be
paid for by YOU, dear Michigan taxpayer.

In their haste to approve what currently is not allowable by their
Ordinance, Milan's Planning Commission is holding what should be three
separate Public Hearings in one tommorrow night to 1) change the Master
Plan which currently conserves agricultural practices, 2) change the
current agricultural zoning of this AS YET PURCHASED land to industrial,
and 3) review the developer's site plan.

If you live anywhere near this proposed project, or if you think Rt 23
and other surrounding roads are already carrying enough semis, please
attend this Public Hearing!

JUNE 14TH, 7:00 PM, at the MILAN MIDDLE SCHOOL (Platt Road about a half
mile south of the Foodtown shopping center which is on the southwest
corner of Platt and Main [turns into Milan-Saline Rd if you head north
at the Y just west of town])

Thank you!

Wendy Tobler
Citizen's Intercounty Action Group (ICAG)

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