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E-M:/ Wednesday Smog Report

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Smog blanketed West Michigan yesterday (wednesday),
yet there was no Ozone Action Day declared in West
Michigan....only in Southeast Michigan.....

And the Lansing area never gets any warning at all
that smog is bad.   Along with the failure to focus on 
health effects, this is also another problem with the 
current Ozone Action day activities.   Michigan should
be promoting statewide public awareness of the pollutant standards
index more intensively than it is in all areas of the 
state having high ozone problems.  However, any such
effort is shot in the foot from the beginning because of the
Engler-Harding high profile attack claiming no health 
effects at smog levels protected by the EPA health standards
(note that Engler-Harding didn't win this argument in the 
DC Court of Appeals decision).

The monitor downwind of Grand Rapids (Evans) showed a
health standard excursion, when Grand Rapids, Jenison
and Holland were just under the standard.    So much
for the theory that Grand Rapids area does not contribute
to non-attainment problems.

Health standard is 85 pbb

Benzonia  93
Houghton Lake  91
Scottville    100
Muskegon  102
Evans 93
Coloma    85
Kalamazoo 92
Cassopolis   93
Lansing    91
Rose Lake  88
Flint    94
Otisville   94
Harbor Beach 90
New Haven  85
Detroit (east 7 mile)  93


Quote of the Week....

.....And after Supreme Court Judge Rehnquist read from 
his opinion barring patent holders from
suing states in federal court over alleged infringements, Judge Stevens
complained aloud of the court's sweeping view of the
sovereign-immunity doctrine. "The doctrine, I fear, is much like a
mindless dragon that indiscriminately chews gaping holes in federal

...so much for the Federalists psychos, like Spencer Abraham and John Engler,
who are out to trash all federal environmental, labor and civil rights
laws under the banner of federalism and state's rights.

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