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Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org


When Sierra Club set up this listserve we wanted to assure that the
information presented was relevant to Michigan, not generic information about
environmental issues which does show up on many other listserves.  We set it
up so that listings are automatically posted, instead of being moderated, so
that the trust is put in the subscribers to post items that are appropriate.

I want to note to those who are reacting to what I consider to be the
appropriate response from our list master that the message sent was to
encourage the poster to make sure the information was clearly linked to
Michigan -- that this posting was clearly linked to Michigan in the minds of
those familiar with the issue doesn't mean that all of us understand that.  In
addition, this kind of info is best when directed to encourage an action, so
it helps when posting a notice regarding federal legislation or federal agency
actions to explain what the subscribers can do to have a voice or express
concern or support. 

Our listmaster, Alex Sagady, is a volunteer who devotes a huge amount of time
to making this listserve run well, and I would hope that people who benefit
from the listserve realize that part of what makes it worth following is the
set of rules adopted up front.  How about not shooting the messenger without
whom there would be no forum?

Anne Woiwode

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